The manual for the lastest release

The reference manual for the FoCaLiZe language and system:

A short (but growing) FAQ aout common errors

The FAQ:

Programming and Proving: Practice with FoCaLiZe

A course in FoCaLiZe given in May 2014 at Ecole des Jeunes Chercheurs en Programmation (EJCP, doctoral summer school) :

Tutorial: Implementing Sets

A tutorial for the FoCaLiZe language and system:

Tutorial: Playing with Proofs (Updated -- still few words to add) on 2014-03-06)

A tutorial for the FoCaLiZe language especially dedicated to proofs writing (these online versions are more recent than those of the distribution):

The manual pages for the FoCaLiZe commands

Older versions

The previous versions of FoCaLiZe documentation are still available in the oldies directory.

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